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10 Truett Cathy Quotes That Reveal His Brilliance

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10 Truett Cathy Quotes That Reveal His Brilliance

Photo via Chick-fil-A

We’re sad to report that Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A, passed away earlier today.

As huge fans of Chick-fil-A, today is a sad day – as the world not only lost a very successful businessman, but a man of Faith.  Cathy, known for his outspoken Christian beliefs, was a man of integrity.

For example, he decided to close his business (Chick-fil-A) on Sundays and only choose franchise owners with high-character.

That’s why we wanted to honor him today.


10 Brilliant Truett Cathy Quotes


“You have to be very careful about what you say. More importantly, you have to be very careful about what you do. You never know how or when you influence people – especially children.”  


“I’d like to be remembered as one who kept my priorities in the right order.”


“Nearly every moment of every day we have the opportunity to give something to someone else – our time, our love, our resources. I have always found more joy in giving when I did not expect anything in return.”


“Why do we close on Sunday? Well, it started back in 1946 when I opened my first restaurant, a 24-hour coffee shop called The Dwarf Grill. After the first week, I determined that if it took seven days a week to make a living, I should be in some other business. Too, it was my conscience that I had to live with; I just never could come to the idea of dealing with money on the Lord’s Day. I became a Christian at age 12; that’s not to say that everything I’ve done since that time is becoming to a Christian, but I believe the Lord had blessed us because we recognize Him on this special day we call Sunday.”


“It is when we stop doing our best work that our enthusiasm for the job wanes. We must motivate ourselves to do our very best, and by our example lead others to do their best as well.”


“I believe that you can combine biblical principles and good business practices. I testified before Congress…on how to be honest and successful at the same time.”


“No goal is too high if we climb with care and confidence.”


“As a kid, I can’t remember having anything to play with except a loose tooth. And that wasn’t mine. It was my brother’s.”


“I wasn’t all that bright. I had difficulty keeping up in class and I had always carried with me a bit of an inferiority complex regarding socializing at school and I never felt confident about dating girls. But I enjoyed my work and I enjoyed the rewards of working. As I read Mr. Hill’s book, I realized I could do anything if I wanted it badly enough. His words motivated me and showed me that I live in a do-it-yourself world.”


“I believe no amount of business school training or work experience can teach what is ultimately a matter of personal character. Businesses are not dishonest or greedy, people are. Thus, a business, successful or not, is merely a reflection of the character of its leadership.”



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