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5 Ways To Get A Better Body In 2013

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Lisa Baugh of A Better Body provided her health and fitness expertise with GetBetterToday.com

Lisa Baugh of A Better Body provided her health and fitness expertise with GetBetterToday.com.

I recently got the opportunity to talk with Health & Fitness expert Lisa Baugh.  Lisa’s incredible knowledge of health & fitness has made her the Founder of A Better Body and one of the top physical trainers on the west coast!

Here are her 5 tips on getting a better body: 

1. Eat Clean

Buy fresh, organic, and local ingredients whenever possible. Most of your foods in the grocery store are injected with HORRIBLE ingredients in order to give it shelf life.  Local stores will have less of this.  We need to start thinking about growing our own foods at home and in our communities.

2. Exercise Regularly

Workout 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes each time. It sounds easy but 3 days a week can be very difficult for most people. Everyone should have a personal trainer.  They seem pricey or inconvenient at times but your health is worth it. Prioritize you funds.

3. Read Food Labels

Remove processed foods from your diet and you will be amazed by how healthy you feel.  Your food should have four ingredients or less.  Look at the back of Lean Cuisine box. It’s really sad how labeling can confuse a consumer.

4. Be Cautious of Food Portions

Serve yourself less food and stop when you feel comfortable. Restaurants are notorious for over feeding you.  Split your meal with a loved one, because you can always order more.

5. Making Good Choices is the KEY to Motivation

It comes down to choices.  When you’re eating unhealthy and don’t exercise your body will feel different.  My motivation is my overall health and well-being.  This is now my lifestyle.  It’s how I live and breathe.  It is your mind that can keep you on track or not.

If you like Lisa’s tips on getting a better body, follow her on Twitter @betterbodytoday

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