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5 Ways to Live Healthier & Enjoy Your Career

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Randy Meehan

Private Trainer
NSCA & NPTI Certified


1. How can people get in better shape and live a healthier lifestyle?

I think some simple key elements people can easily add to their lives are things like preparation and scheduling. The biggest problems I see my clients and “gym goers” have is just being ill-prepared with nutrition. By simply making a little extra food for later or 1 day; at least cooking all your proteins makes a huge difference. Also guys and girls, please schedule your gym time, if it’s not planned something will always pop up.

2. How important is proper nutrition?

Nutrition is the biggest contributing factor to a healthy lifestyle. I love the comparison to your body being a race car. If you don’t put in the best fuel, you’ll never really live up to your potential.

Some simple tips to add to your day:

  • Veggies in every meal
  • Eat your carbs & grains after the proteins
  • Eat vegetables
  • Track water intake.

3. What do you enjoy most about being a personal trainer? Least?

I would say my favorite thing about being a personal trainer is building relationships.  The appreciation people have when you’ve helped them and motivated them to do something they were unsure of is the best feeling you can feel.  As far as the least goes, hands down getting up early.  Every trainer knows how that 5:30 A.M. alarm feels, but the morning clients tend to be the most loyal and motivated, so that helps.  I think it’s the mutual dislike getting up early that helps build a strong bond between me and my clients!

4. What are some common characteristics of your clients who get the best results?

I think one of the biggest characteristics of successful clients is not having a fear of failure.  The best are willing to try new things and if they finish 2 reps or 15 they took the challenge and a step forward in a positive direction.  You’ll see people who repeat the same work outs for years because they are scared to fail or leave there comfort zone.  Change is never easy but easy is never worth it.

5. What have you learned in your time as a Trainer? Any advice for people wanting to find a career that they love?

One thing I learned from my work as a trainer is to treat your passion like a career, not your hobby.  I see a lot of trainers jump in the field because they liked working out, it was their hobby.  A lot of these people stick with what they know instead of striving forward to learn and better your self every day.

Randy Meehan is a Personal Trainer at The Sports Club/LA Boston.  Currently he’s certified through N.S.C.A-CPT and Precision Nutrition-Lvl 1.  His approach to training is results and non-traditional based. Chat with him on Twitter: @RandyMeehan.

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