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Are You Addicted to Praise?

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I’ve always felt like my biggest problem is a never ending chase.

A chase to more.  A chase to being satisfied with myself.

It’s why I’m so vocal about my faith in God.  There’s just something about the presence of God that relaxes me.  It’s the only thing that keeps my mind from running and wanting more.

More accomplishments.  More money.  More recognition.  It’s a never ending process.

A couple months ago, I realized that it would NEVER be fulfilled.  When I get to a million, I’ll want two.  When I get to a certain point in my career, I’ll need to get further.

I even started to worry about my future wife. Whoever that girl is, will she be enough?

Will I want better?

Will she be pretty enough?

Will she be smart enough?

I’m confident that I’m not the only one.  There have to be others that struggle with the same thing.

Part of it is extreme competitiveness. I hate losing and love winning.  I love when I’m the best at something.  I enjoy when people know I would beat them.  It’s an alpha male thing.

But that’s not REALLY the problem.

This past week, I figured out part of the problem.  I’m addicted to the praise of other people.  I equate their praise with my self-worth.

Why do I still call my dad after a good round of golf?  Because I don’t approve, until he approves it.  My self-worth is determined on his praise.  I don’t even play for fun, I play to be better than everyone else.  If I don’t play well, it doesn’t justify even playing.  It’s not like my dad isn’t encouraging, because he always is.  I just have an addiction to praise.

The funny thing is, criticism doesn’t bother me in the least bit.  If someone tells me I suck, it just motivates me more.  It just makes me want to tell them that I plan on dominating them in every aspect of life (that literally runs through my mind).

My Self-Worth Should be in God

As humans, we’re naturally apart from God.  It’s why we seek outside approval.  It’s why we’re always longing for more.  We’re orphans spiritually and longing for God as our Father.  It’s in our nature to feel like orphans until we’re placing our Identity in God.  That’s where I lack.  I still place my self-worth and identity, in things that aren’t God.  It’s why I get the feeling of unsatisfaction.  It’s why I have the spiritual orphan tendencies.

My identity needs to be a child of God.  Not as a businessman, writer, or athlete.  If my identity isn’t placed as a Child of God, my feeling of wanting MORE will never be fulfilled.

But don’t mistake what I’m saying…

I still plan to work hard, make as much money as possible, and achieve everything I’ve set out to do.

But it doesn’t define who I am.

If you’re feeling like you’re missing something, there’s nothing this earth can offer.

Money, recognition, sex, and praise only provide temporary satisfaction.

Understanding that you’re a child of the Creator is the only thing that will fulfill you.

God says you’re justified, chosen, blameless, redeemed, confident, bold, a friend, and COMPLETE.

Michael Fear

Michael Fear is the Founder of and host of Get Better TV. He’s a former Division 1 baseball player, experienced writer, and speaker. Chat with him on twitter: @MichaelEFear

  • Nate Sallee

    Sooo easy to get caught up in! I feel ya bro. Social media can encourage this as well. Feeling validated through likes/retweets isn’t bad but we have to be careful. Jesus described the Pharisees this way…
    John 12:43 – “for they loved human praise more than praise from God”

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