Chris Tomlin Released His New Album, Love Ran Red! –

Chris Tomlin Released His New Album, Love Ran Red!

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One of the world’s most popular Christian artists Chris Tomlin, just released his newest album Love Ran Red!

Following up his insanely successful album Burning Lightswhich reached #1 on the Billboard charts, Love Ran Red is poised for the same success.  Highlighted by singles called “Waterfall”, “At The Cross” and “Jesus Loves Me”, Tomlin’s album has a little bit of something for every listener.   Don’t be surprised if you hear some of the tracks in church soon either!

The Love Ran Red tour, will begin in the Spring of 2015.  Before you get the chance to see him on tour, you can listen to the entire new album here (you’ll need Spotify).  If you’d like you can also buy it on the link below…

Buy “Love Ran Red” Now!

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