Christian Clothing Company, One Crown Apparel, Thinks We Should “PRAY” –

Christian Clothing Company, One Crown Apparel, Thinks We Should “PRAY”

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If there’s ONE thing we all need to improve on – it’s prayer.  Even though as believers, we have direct access to God, it’s something that’s easy to slack on.

That’s why when we came across the Christian clothing brand, One Crown Apparel, we knew we had to spread the word.  With a product line highlighted by a clean design called, “PRAY” – One Crown Apparel is a clothing brand that every Christian needs to check out.

Recently, we had a chance to ask them a few questions about their brand, mission and future plans.  Here’s what we learned…

1.  What is One Crown Apparel? 

One Crown Apparel is a new urban style Christian clothing line.

2.  What’s your mission?  

Our mission is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through our apparel.

Christian Clothing Company, One Crown Apparel, Thinks We Should "PRAY"

Photo via One Crown Apparel

3. Most of your apparel has the word, “Pray” on it.  Why? 

Our clothing line was born out of God’s calling to His saints to pray daily.

Sometime around the beginning of the year 2014 our Pastor was really pushing the message of prayer, and he challenged our entire church to start praying every morning before we started our day. This was a big challenge, because it took a lot of discipline to wake up around 5-6am for prayer every day, but as the days and eventually weeks went by it became easier.

Prayer changed everything, not only in the personal lives of those who had actually committed to this challenge, but our church grew closer to God as a whole. This sparked an idea for a song, written by our co-founder Javier Roman, called “PRAY”. Once this song was produced it inspired me to design the cover art for the song, which after many revisions, simply turned out to be a simple design with just the words “PRAY”. I thought the design was really clean and appealing, so I had it printed on a shirt.

As I wore my new PRAY shirt out in public, something started to happen. I began to receive multiple complements from fellow Christians also asking where they could buy one; I received many inquiries from non-Christians as to what my shirt meant. The conversations with non-Christians are what was the most impactful for me, it made me think that all Christians should have one of these shirts because it opens so many doors to be a light to the world and witness to people who are hungry to receive God in their life.

Thus, here we are almost a year later with a clothing line centered on prayer.

The song I was referring to is the first song on this Mixtape titled “PRAY”:

4.  For a long time, Christian based clothing companies were corny – but brands like yourself are changing that.  Is this a goal of yours? 

Absolutely, this is one of the things that had always bothered me as a Christian. First of all I believe we as Christians should be able to produce high-quality and very appealing products that are just as good as any other brands out in the world, and that goes for any Christian based company or business.

Before we created our clothing brand, I had never purchased any kind of clothing or apparel from a Christian brand because they were all so corny. I think we can change that, I believe we can create a clothing brand that Christians and others alike can wear to not only look good and fashionable but to help spread the gospel at the same time. After all, that’s exactly what we are all called to do (Mark 16:15).

Christian Clothing Company, One Crown Apparel, Thinks We Should "PRAY"

Photo via One Crown Apparel

5.  Why do you think Christian clothing brands are exploding in popularity?

I think it has a lot to do with how our world is changing and becoming more accessible through new technologies. 30 years ago it was not this easy to create a business, but with the creation of the internet and other technologies it has made starting a business or brand so much more accessible to people that have a passion to create something, and not only to create it but to share it with the world. It allows brands like us to reach the world and really make a difference. The Christian clothing industry was an industry that was just waiting to explode, after being stagnate for so long. The number of Christians in America and throughout the world is very high; I think people were just waiting for brands similar to ours to pop up.

I also think that as the coming of Jesus Christ nears, that spiritually, things are starting to happen. I believe God is raising up passionate people to help reach the world and spread the gospel, whether that be Christian blogs, clothing lines, music, the list goes on. I believe God is calling many people to start various kinds of ministries and he is planting seeds in the hearts of His people  to stand up for what we believe and really go out, make a difference, and change the world!

6.  What are the goals going forward?  

Our goal moving forward here at One Crown Apparel is to simply keep producing quality Christian based products for our customers, and by doing so open the doors for God to minister through our apparel.

As our company grows we are excited to start producing more products.

7.  One piece of advice you’d give to our readers.  

Pray daily, it will change your life! I challenge every reader to test it out for 30 days straight, and see how your life changes for the better.

Check out One Crown Apparel by CLICKING HERE!

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