Christian Hat Company, Adonai Supply, Is Spreading Hope Through Snapbacks –

Christian Hat Company, Adonai Supply, Is Spreading Hope Through Snapbacks

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For a long time, Christian apparel was corny.  If you wanted to buy something from a faith-based company, the product itself – was subpar.

But not anymore.

There’s a movement taking place inside Christianity that’s completely reshaping culture and the way society looks at Christian clothing.  It’s not corny and predictable any longer.  Several brands are launching apparel that’s flat out legit!

Adonai Supply is one of those companies.

By bringing urban headwear to the church, Adonai is spreading the message of HOPE to believers in a unique way.  In fact, we believe they’re an up-and-coming brand you need to keep on your radar.

Recently, we had the chance to ask their founder Spencer Loman a few questions about Adonai, mission and future plans.  Here’s what we learned…


Adonai Supply Interview:

1.  What is Adonai Supply Company? 

Adonai Supply Company is urban influenced headwear brand that uses fashion as a way to give back. It was launched just over 2 months ago from the seed of a dream that started during this past summer to create a give back streetwear brand that had a positive impact in an at risk urban neighborhood. We are based out of Wilmington, NC

2.  What’s your mission?  

Our mission is to create a culture of hope through the creativity and design of urban streetwear. As a brand, we want to create a story of hope in an at risk community by giving back 25% of our profits to a partnered urban ministry. We have partnered with Vigilant Hope, an urban missions organization in our city. We hope to bridge the gap between fashion and mission.


3. One word I noticed your brand focuses on is HOPE.  Why? 

When you give someone hope, you are combining both compassion and action. Hope isn’t just a paradigm, it’s attached to compassionate action. As a brand, we want to create a new form of what it means to show hope to the hopeless. So, you could be wearing Adonai gear in Cali, and because of your desire to be a part of the brand,you are showing hope to at risk youth on the east coast. The more we communicate that our ultimate to desire is to be a brand of hope, the more we “hope” that people will also be empowered to show hope in their own context. 

4.  For a long time, Christian based clothing companies were corny – but brands like yourself are changing that.  Is this a goal of yours? 

Honestly, Adonai Supply is merely a reflection of my own taste in headwear. I want to create simple designs that can be clean and classic. But, at the end of the day, Adonai designs will be 100% me and my own interpretation of creative headwear. It’s authentically faith based, and authentically urban. I don’t try to put myself in a box, I think there is a lot to learn from some of the leaders in streetwear culture, brands like Stussy, 10 Deep, HUF, etc. 

5.  Why do you think Christian clothing brands are exploding in popularity?

Well, I think there are more and more young people who have an eye for fashion and also love Jesus with their whole heart. There is also a lot of collaborative efforts that are taking place in bringing together different cultures. Artists are getting on board with different brands like Grateful Apparel, Fig Leaf, The Way, and many others. Christian clothing brands aren’t just making t shirts, they are creating cultures and movements. 


6.  What are your company’s goals going forward?

We think 2015 is going to be a great year for us as a brand. We have our first line of 5 panels coming out in January. We hope to expand our line in 2015 and branch out making our first t shirt. We will do a couple different trunk shows at various locations in the Midwest and in North Carolina. Also, we are looking at getting into a couple of retailers in 2015 .This really is just the beginning for Adonai. We are fresh, and brand new. I literally don’t know what I am doing, I am just creating and hopefully impacting lives.   

7.  One piece of advice you’d give to our readers.  

One of my mentors asked me, “How in the world do you start something like this?,” and I said, “You just start.” The biggest thing for me was to find something I was passionate about, and it happened to be clothing and ministry. Then, you figure out how to bring the two together.

8.  Where can our readers find you? 

First and foremost you can find us here, at But, you can also find us at:,




Check out Adonai Supply Headwear on NOW! 

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