Here’s What A Random Old Lady Taught Me About Being A Christian –

Here’s What A Random Old Lady Taught Me About Being A Christian

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Take a second look at the picture above.

Seriously… do it.

That’s an older lady praising God during a Switchfoot concert last weekend – in other words, a ROCK CONCERT.

I hate to be incredibly stereotypical here, but that’s pretty unexpected.

She caught my eye so much, I coaxed my wife into taking a paparazzi shot for this post.

Since when do old ladies rock out to Switchfoot?


As I stood from a distance, I started to realize something…

That’s who I want to be in 40 years.

I want to be praising God in a completely new way – one that probably doesn’t even exist yet.

I want to be helping prepare the future “Church”.

I want to be on fire for God.


Sometimes, I think we get distracted.

Young people think older generations are out of touch.

We think the older generations don’t “get” today’s society.

And we forget the main point…

God is the one in charge.

He doesn’t need the new things we can bring to the table.


I’ve been outspoken about it before…

I think the days of “traditional church” are coming to a close.

Hymnal books are going to be eBay gems in a few years.

And offering plates are in their last days.



We need to be grateful for the leaders who came before us.

They helped move “the church” forward.

They taught us everything we know.

And most of all…

They played a pivotal role in showing us Jesus.

Without them, “the future of the Church” we talk so passionate about – wouldn’t be possible.


I have no idea who the lady at the Switchfoot concert was.

But I do know this…

She inspired me and didn’t have to say a word.

It was clear she was still on fire for God.

Her passion for God was worth writing about.

And that’s how I want to live.  



Michael Fear

Michael Fear is the Founder of and host of Get Better TV. He’s a former Division 1 baseball player, experienced writer, and speaker. Chat with him on twitter: @MichaelEFear

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