The Season My Life Changed –

The Season My Life Changed

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Get Better Today - Shadow of the cross

There are seasons in life that change us.

They’re filled with moments that have the ability to alter our future.  They not only affect who we are, but change the person we will become.

Over the past two years, that’s been my life.

My season started on a baseball field and ended on my grandpa’s deathbed.  It started in Indiana and led me to Florida.  It was filled with the excitement of seeing my grandpa escape death multiple times and the pain of watching him take his last breath.  But the biggest change wasn’t what happened, where I lived, or what I did.

The biggest change was me.

  • The things in life that I trusted in, were removed.  God created a reliance on Him.
  • Living 17 hours away from home, I had time to myself.  God’s voice was loud.
  • My future was filled with uncertainty.  God started directing my steps.
  • After witnessing death, I didn’t seem as invicible.  God was sending me a wake up call.
  • Things that seemed important, weren’t as important anymore.

You see, there was a reason I was with my grandpa every step of the way.  It was not by chance.  It was a season that God was using to make me more like Himself.  To prepare me.

It makes sense now, but it didn’t at the time.  

I imagine that’s how a lot of people felt when Jesus was on the Cross and during the days that followed.  After all, if this guy is the Son of God…why is He dead?  What they didn’t know, is that there was a purpose behind Jesus’s death that couldn’t be seen yet.

God had greater plans.  The darkest day in history, wasn’t by accident.  It was perfectly designed, because He wanted a relationship with us.  Now it all makes sense.  But to a lot of people at the time, I’m sure it didn’t.

Do you feel like one of those people?

Maybe you don’t understand what God is doing and you don’t feel “good-enough” to be a Christian?

Here’s what you need to remember….

If you want to know what God REALLY thinks about you, look at the Cross.  It’s His clearest message of how He feels about His children.  It’s a symbol that He cares.  He was willing to send His Son to take the wrath that our sin deserved.  It’s a symbol that there is a reason behind everything that happens.

I’m thankful for the season God used to bring me closer to Him.

It completely changed MY life.

It happened under the shadow of the Cross.

The symbol of Good Friday and Easter.

The days ALL of our lives were changed.

Michael Fear

Michael Fear is the Founder of and host of Get Better TV. He’s a former Division 1 baseball player, experienced writer, and speaker. Chat with him on twitter: @MichaelEFear

  • MiMi

    WOW!! “My season started on a baseball field and ended on my grandpa’s deathbed.”

    That line is so poignant! My goodness. I love how you make us realize it is so much more to life than commercializing this holiday. And how God sees us is in the lies on the cross. Your words move me. WOW.

    • MichaelEFear

      Thanks Mimi, I really appreciate that. I dk how my pic came up on your reply btw lol!

  • Debbie McIntyre

    Michael, your writing and Christian insight are inspiring. I’m sure your parents are so proud of you,

    • MichaelEFear

      Thanks Debbie, I really appreciate that. Thanks for reading it!

  • Joe-Theresa Ragsdale

    Beautifully written!

    • MichaelEFear

      Thanks guys!

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