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3 Things You Can Learn From Wiz Khalifa

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In 2011, he made 11 million.

It wasn’t luck.

In 2012, his goal is 100 million.

Just a few years ago, he was mostly unknown. Now he’s one of the top rappers in the world. He’s added a triple-platinum record (Black & Yellow), almost 7 million Twitter followers, and sellout arenas to his resume in about 3 years. So what can YOU learn from him?

1. Everything He Does, He Does It Big

He’s never satisfied. Remember, he’s still pretty new to the scene. To set a goal of 100 million this early in his career is not only bold, but just proves ambition. To give you an idea, Zack Greenburg of Forbes.com, said only 50 Cent (2008) has made 100 million in a single year.

He could easily settle for his quick fame, but he wants more. Is it greed, not necessarily. He’s just setting the bar higher. We need to be the same way. If you hit .350 last year, work for .450. If you’re dropping 13 a game, go for 23. He’s constantly trying to #GetBetter!

2. Work Hard is before Play Hard

His new single Work Hard Play Hard should leave a clear message to all his fans. Hard work comes before the play. Don’t let Wiz Khalifa’s weed-smoking image fool you, he doesn’t just smoke and eat Cheetos all day.

The dude flat out does his homework. In an interview with Fox All Access he mentioned studying his inspirations Rod Stewart & U2. He noticed the way they used their talents to be unique & attract millions of fans. He also mentioned his intuition as one of his strengths. No doubt, it is a huge part of his success.

3. He Takes Advantage Of The Tools Around Him

With almost 7 million Twitter followers, Wiz Khalifa’s embraced the Internet’s power. Check his Twitter feed, you’ll be inspired. You can just tell that he’s “got it”. Here’s an example: “Enjoy Life. Move Towards The Positive”.

He considers himself an all-around business man. Because of that, he uses the word-of-mouth power of Twitter to spread his personal brand. We need to do the same thing. If you’re a musician who wants to take it to the next level, use the tools you have. Figure out a way to share your music online.

If you’re an athlete, put some highlights on YouTube. The Internet has connected everyone, take advantage of it. As I mentioned in an episode of #GetBetterTV, send coaches a YouTube video of your skills. There are so many ways to get your name out there, take advantage of them!

Michael Fear

Michael Fear is the Founder of GetBetterToday.com and host of Get Better TV. He’s a former Division 1 baseball player, experienced writer, and speaker. Chat with him on twitter: @MichaelEFear

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