This Lady’s Story Takes A Crazy And Unexpected Turn. You’ll Learn A Life Lesson. –

This Lady’s Story Takes A Crazy And Unexpected Turn. You’ll Learn A Life Lesson.

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Once upon a time, there lived a master architect.

This man had devoted his entire life to creating some of the most beautiful buildings of his era — from the lavish private residences of celebrities, athletes and dignitaries, to the grandiose buildings of state government, to the breathtaking arches of world-renowned cathedrals.

But after years at his craft, he was exhausted. He knew it was time to retire.

Luckily, he had an apprentice whom he’d taught well. A young woman who showed promise and potential.

The old master said to the young apprentice:

“It’s time for me to retire. I’m going on vacation, and while I’m gone, I’d like you to build me a house I can spend my last days in.”

But the master didn’t want just any home built.

The new home was to be magnificent. Better than any mansion or cathedral he’d ever ever constructed.

He told the young apprentice to spare no expense.  Any materials — even from the farthest reaches of the world — were hers.

She was to have the finest crew and the best equipment.

Anything she needed to complete the project was hers.

There was only one catch…

She would be completely on her own.  She wouldn’t be able to ask her mentor for guidance. She would have nobody to give her directions or tell her how or when to work.

She had only her own experience to rely on.  With that, the master left.

 At first, the apprentice was very excited about the project, throwing herself into the work.

 But quickly, things began to change…

 She stopped showing up to work on time.

 “It’s my project,” she reasoned. “I can show up whenever I want.”  Then, she started cutting corners in the building process.

She began ordering subpar stone from cheap factories rather than waiting weeks for the high quality stones to arrive from overseas.

Sure, the walls wouldn’t be quite as sturdy — but nobody would notice.

She began hiring less-skilled workers to cut costs and increase the manpower. They weren’t as meticulous, but they worked faster.

Instead of being excited about the project like before, all she could think was, “Let’s get this over with!”

She knew in her heart-of-hearts that this wasn’t the house the master architect would have build for himself — but it wasn’t her house, and at the end of the day, she just wanted to finish it.

Finally, after months away, the master architect returned.

The apprentice was nervous because she thought he would notice some of the obvious flaws.

He surveyed the property without a word.  Then, he handed her the keys to the house.

 Shocked, she looked up at him with a puzzled expression.

He said, “All this time, you thought you were building a house for me — when you were really building YOUR house. Now, live in what you’ve built.”

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